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Broken Bones Hoody ~ Children's Iron Fist

£18.00 £30.00

brokenbones-6-7 yrs
6-7 yrs

Great professional photo huh? Sadly not every product comes with a perfect image replete with exceptional angles and lighting. Nope, this one was taken on a Nokia 7650. This is your last chance to get this item before it leaves Yella Brick Road FOREVER. The price reflects the photo and final opportunity to grab yourself a bargain. HAVE AT IT!
  • Children's Broken Bones Hoody by Iron Fist
  • Raglan style hoody with large back design.
  • Limited stock ~ Once they're gone they won't be back
  • Please note this is an online only product & is not on display in store. Please email in advance in order to purchase in store & we can have the item ready for collection.