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Little Red Riding Hood Journal Set ~ Gorjuss

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  • The sweetest journal with Gorjuss style!
  • Featuring the endearing Little Red Riding Hood artwork in ruby red and stone grey tones, this boxed journal set is detailed with printed mushrooms, acorns and apples.
  • Open the journal to reveal 8 different page designs covering a 6 month period, including daily reflection pages with weather charts, and then sections for ‘stories, poems, notes and quotes’, ‘things I want to try’, ‘my Gorjuss week’, projects, keepsakes, and ‘thoughts are powerful’ with space for inspirations, adventures, hopes and dreams!
  • With foxes, polka dots, butterflies and more decorating each page in pastel hues, this delightful gift set also includes two stylish gel pens and a 5m roll of glitter tape.
  • Perfect for any avid dreamer, it is simply too cute to resist!


  • Approximate dimensions: 27 x 28 x 2cms