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Mistletoe and Wine Enamel Pin Set ~ Punky Pins

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★ Mistletoe and Wine Enamel Pin Set

 Breathe. The time has come. No more excuses. Just one great big fat invitation to step this up a notch. Hang your Mistletoe above the doorway or, for a more portable option, wear this Mistletoe enamel pin wherever you go.

The pop of the cork. The swish of the glass. Who's kidding, we're not here to be connoisseurs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love Wine as much as the next middle-class white man. In fact, we’d say we’re bigger fans because we’ve got the pin badge.

 Wine Hard Enamel Pin measuring 18.3mm x 22mm

Mistletoe Hard Enamel Pins measuring 23mm x 15.6mm


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