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Spiderman Book Ends (Marvel)


You know who is super-duper smart? Peter Parker. He was always a star student, A's all the way. He knew how to get all the best internships at Oscorp, and with Doctor Octavius, and when he finally got bit by that radioactive spider who knew how to create his own web shooters with webbing that nobody else in the world could have invented. Not to mention how he designed and sewed his own costume. In other words, we think Peter Parker is pretty well read. He knows how to do just about anything, and that kind of knowledge starts with a fundamental foundation of the basics. Where do you find that foundation? Why, in BOOKs, of course! That's why we love these Spider-man bookends. Not only will they remind you to be smart like Peter Parker, but they'll also help keep your books upright, orderly, and looking their spectacular best. 1.32Kg