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925 Sterling Silver Raw Cut Rose Quartz Moon & Star Necklace - Xander Kostroma (Last Available)


Handmade in small batches, this gorgeous necklace features a longer length 925 sterling silver chain with a raw cut Rose Quartz, semi-precious stone pendant that is finished with silver edges. It also features a silver tone moon and is complete with a twinkling star pendant to finish. Each piece is completely unique due to the natural formation of the materials used. We think this is wonderful, and it’s what makes them completely special to you. This item of jewellery by Xander Kostroma will come lovingly gift wrapped, ready to give to a loved one, or to keep as a treat for yourself.

  • Rose Quartz crystal is used to restore trust and harmony in relationships encouraging unconditional love

  • 86cm Approx length
  • Made from: 925 sterling silver, rose quartz

    About Xander Kostroma :

    Founded in 2018, Xander Kostroma® Lifestyle specialises in earrings that are inspired by nature and the world around us. Xander believe's that Mother Nature shouldn't be exploited for us to look fabulous! He strive's to only use natural materials in his work.

    Xander Kostroma creates collections of crystal jewellery uniquely crafted for women who are looking for a deeper connection when it comes to their own sense of fashion and personal style. Xander Kostroma crystal jewellery is handmade in small batches using fairly sourced crystals and 925 sterling silver or gold-plated components. All jewellery is tested and certified to be lead, cadmium and nickel free.

    Crystals have been used throughout the ages by healers and it’s said that, when worn or held close to the body, crystals allow the wearer to connect with the healing energy they contain inside.