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Deadly Spider Necklace - Killstar


Do the universe a favour and don't hide your magic! Add something special to your fav looks with the 'Deadly Spider' necklace; with a statement spider pendant and a long chain. The perfect addition to any dark ghouls jewellery collection!
  • Black Hardware
  • Spider Pendant
  • Long Chain
  • 100% metal alloy




Established 2010 - Fashion & Lifestyle brand with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread.

Combining great design and unsurpassed quality, KILLSTAR has quickly gained a following amongst free-thinkers and retailers worldwide. Explore the dark and unorthodox, and celebrate individuality with it's over-sized prints, studded leather and digital designs, alongside kick ass accessories and leggings.

Stars can't shine without the darkness - Believe in yourself and create your own destiny.