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DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit - Pretty Bee Fresh

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DIY Beeswax Wraps are the ideal gift for anyone looking to reduce their plastic consumption in a fun and hands-on way. This fun DIY kit is a great way to ditch plastic and be more eco-friendly.

 Kit includes-

  • x3 Pure cotton fabric in the sizes XS (open jar or half cut fruit and veg), S (cheese, smaller bowls or leftover fruit & veg) and M (lunch, covering bowls or transform into a little pouch)
  • x1 Parchment paper
  • x1 Wooden brush
  • x4 Cubes of wax mixture
  • instruction card on usage and care

This set is made out of natural and plastic-free ingredients, sourced and made in the UK. Completely biodegradable and all natural!

Wash wraps in cold water. Dry over a kitchen rack and reuse up to one year.

  • Do not use in high temperatures and keep away from open flames
  • Not suitable for use in the microwave or the oven
  • Not to use in a washing machine or dishwasher
  • Do not dry over a heater
  • Make sure bowls are cold before wrapping around
  • Do not use with raw meat or raw fish
  • Suitable for fridge and freezer
  • Simply store them in a dry place and reuse

Refresh your wraps every few months in the oven, by placing the wrap on a tray with parchment paper and let them rest at 100 degrees for 2 minutes. They will be hot when they come out, so be cautious and take one edge from both corners and gently wave in the air to dry. Loving your wraps like this, will allow them to go strong for one year.

Wrap and fold around any food or bowls using the warmth of your hands to create a breathable seal. Due to the natural antibacterial properties of the bees wax, jojoba oil and pine resin, your food will be kept fresh for longer.


About Pretty Bee Fresh-

Welcome to the natural and environmental friendly alternative to plastic. They craft beautiful handmade beeswax wraps in an effort to tackle plastic pollution and promote sustainable living. Beeswax has been used to preserve food for centuries, and they're all about beautiful designs! Who said cutting down on plastic can’t be fun and colourful?

The journey of a sustainable future starts with a conscious decision everyone of us has to make, followed by small changes to our lifestyle. Their mission is to encourage people to live a more sustainable life, respecting nature and the invaluable resources Mother Earth provides. They believe in giving back to our planet and want to contribute in every little way we possible. It is now more important than ever to protect our vulnerable ecosystem.